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We want to do

Recently, "Swoopa", women's dancing battle, is enjoying great popularity. In the past, they used to be a unknown backup dancers of any singers and their great talents was unnoticed, but now I felt that times have really changed as they proudly became the main characters on the stage. At the same time, I felt happy as if it were my case. These days, as people watch movies or dramas―only actors and directors have received attention before―they now wonder who the art director of the drama is or who dresses up actors/actresses like that? Come has the era which recognizes unknown experts in various fields and pays attention to them.

What is the hottest issue in the art world these days? I think it will definitely be the NFT. As NFT became an spotlight of interest, of course, the art world began chain reaction. In foreign countries, NFT market has become a gateway for unknown artists and some NFTs were valued better than Picasso's paintings. Unfortunately, however, in Korea there is a strange phenomenon that major players from traditional art market flow into the NFT market. 

I think the NFT market is the only place for uniquely talented artists with wider spectrum to enter fairly. Regardless of their school or major careers, I hope they'll have an opportunity to show their skills without being underestimated for any reasons. Though it won't work, I send portfolio emails to numerous galleries, and I hope that NFT market should be a great alternative to artists who suffer from monthly rent of the studio and ever-increasing problems of reality in the vagueness of the future.

Though small at first, We aim to establish a decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) for creators who want to be main characters themselves instead of being a subordinate to clients. We're sure to provide opportunities for talented artists who have not yet seen the light and create a role model of Cryptopainters to grow together. Any artists who will compete without any external conditions can start the journey with Cryptopainters.

Let's Start Cryptopainters, hoping our success.

The Crypto Painters we got 

Kick off Project : PMAN 1,000 NFT

We are sure these NFTs will make all of your SNS' profiles awesome and unique. 

You should buy them and show off on your SNS.

New PFP Project PMAN Updated.

The event which will give you the second edition for free is ongoing now.

2nd project preview

Those who purchased Cryptopainters' first project PMAN will receive MIX_XEL one by one. It will be the most unique gift for you who actively express yourself.


1. What does CRYPTOPAINTERS do?

CRYPTOPAINTERS is a space where it supports creators to enter the NFT market easily and grow together. It is fact that NFT's getting much spotlight, but accessing NFT without good strategies is hard and unfamiliar. CRYPTOPAINTERS helps you find a road to success.

2. What is PMAN project?

PMAN is the first PFP project of CRYPTOPAINTERS, which is the works of illustrator named HAZAKA. PMAN is a kind of profile images motivated by alphabet letter 'P', from great people in the movie or history to various neighbors around us.

The project is limited to a total of 1,000 NFTs and celebrates HAZAKA's first project in the NFT market. You have to get these NFTs to receive some works of the second project one-on-one, following the PMAN project.

3. What is the next project?

The project MIX_XEL is a combination of 'MIX' and 'PIXEL', representing my profile images with great style of pixels. We're planning to launch MIX_XEL, the second project of CRYPTOPAINTERS, by the first half of 2022 and boost its value by supporting exciting and diverse events.

4. How many PMAN NFT’s will be produced?

PMAN consists of 1,000 unique NFTs. Ownership of these NFTs can permanently be proved on the Klaytn blockchain and it does NOT expire.

5. How can I get a PMAN NFT?

PMAN NFTs can be purchased in a community space of CRYPTOPAINTERS on issuing date, reservation only. MIX_XEL NFTs, the second project, will be distributed for free one-and-one basis to all holders of PMAN NFTs.

For more information, contact our official community of CRYPTOPAINTERS(Telegram CRYPTOPAINTERS).

6. Can I trade my PMAN NFT?

Yes, you can buy/sell your NFTs on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

7. How can I purchase an NFT?

1) You need to purchase Klaytn(KLAY) from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinone, Bithumb, Bittrex. 

2) Then, you need to transfer your KLAYs into a digital wallet, Metamask, the most popular. 

3) Go to the OpenSea website and connect the Metamask wallet.

4) Change 'chains' into Klaytn and search PMAN in the search box.

8. How can I secure my NFTs?

Having good security strategy is very important, please read the following articles about how to secure your NFTs.

Learning these articles can save you a lot of potential trouble! 

Please feel free to contact our official community of CRYPTOPAINTERS.


The history of CRYPTOPAINTERS making progress toward goals

Team setup completed






+Community Manager

Selecting launching artist completed


First project concept confirmed


PMAN illustration works completed

PMAN by HAZAKA 1,000pcs

Minting PMAN by Klaytn(KLAY) Chain in progress

PMAN 1,000 NFTs

Listing(KAIKAS) PMAN at Opensea in progress

PMAN 1,000 NFTs

Second project concept confirmed


MIX_XEL illustration works in progress

MIX_XEL by HAZAKA 10,000pcs

Signing cross marketing MOU with FANVERSE, NFT Company


Launching GOODS Production(Ongoing)

Collaborating with NFT-related company(Ongoing) 


Experts from various fields work together

Are you an artist ?
Try it.

We look forward to hearing from the artist.

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